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What is Macro Exchange?

Macro Exchange is the Ukraine cryptocurrency exchange service. You can exchange various cryptocurrencies all over Ukraine as well as in many other countries. Safely. Quickly. Profitably. Our main advantage is individual and non-standard approach to solving problems related to cryptocurrency exchange.

What services does MACRO EXCHANGE provide?

Our main services:
- Cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange;
- Cryptocurrency to cash exchange;
- Cash to cryptocurrency exchange;
- Cash withdrawal in Ukraine and all over the world.

What cryptocurrency can I exchange?

You can exchange Bitcoin (BTC), USDT (Tether), Ethereum (ETH) and other upon your request.

What cryptocurrency exchange is used to fix the rate when buying / selling Bitcoin?

When buying and selling cryptocurrency, we focus on WhiteBit exchange rate.

How is the exchange rate defined when buying / selling Bitcoin?

If you buy BTC, we fix the rate of the coin before sending it to your wallet.
If you sell BTC, we fix the rate of the coin when coins are credited in our wallet.

What is the minimum amount for buying / selling cryptocurrency?

The minimum amount for buying / selling cryptocurrency is $100 in equivalent.

How do I know the actual commission for buying / selling cryptocurrency?

The actual commission is set daily, contact the operator for more information.

How is the commission for buying / selling cryptocurrency set?

Commission basically depends on the market situation (supply and demand).
Our experts monitor changes in indicators on a daily basis.

How long does it take to convert cryptocurrency?

Average transaction time is around 40 minutes.

What payment methods can be used to buy / sell cryptocurrency?

At the moment, we only work with cash. As soon as other options are available, we will post the information on our web site.

What currencies are used for financial transactions?

The main currency for financial operations is US dollar. For other options please contact our operator.

Why should I check my wallet at the cashier desk when buying cryptocurrency?

Reconciliation of the cryptocurrency wallet is carried out to exclude confusions for both parties.

Why should I check Bitcoins origin?

It may happen that coins have questionable origin. This may cause blocking of exchange accounts of the receiving side. According to generally accepted standards of financial monitoring, checking bitcoins origin is important to protect our clients and avoid unforeseen blockages.

How to find the adress of Macro Exchange cash desks? How does it look like?

You can ask the operator an address and a photo of Macro Exchange cash desk.

What is Macro Exchange cash desks' working schedule?

Macro Exchange cash desks are working from 10:30 till 18:00, Monday to Friday.
If there is a need of exchange in Saturday or Sunday - contact with our operator.

My city is not in the list of posible Macro Exchange points. What should I do?

If your city is not in the list of Macro Exchange points - please contact our operator and we will help to find the most convenient option for you.

What does encashment of money mean & how does it work?

There is a service of encashment of money in cities where there is no physical Macro Exchange points.
Contact with the operator to know more details.

How long should I wait after sending cryptocurrency to Macro Exchange?

First of all check availability of the needed amount at the cash dest with our operator beforehand.
If needed amount is available, then you can get money at any convenient time within cash desks working hours.

How long should I wait for receiving cryptocurrency to my wallet after depositing cash?

Cryptocurrency is sent to your wallet immediately after cashier's confirmation that money recieved.

I came to get money at Macro Exchange cash desks, but I was told I could get them only in the evening. What should I do?

To avoid such situations we would recommend to book specific amount in advance, because it may happen that there is no needed amount physically at cash desk.
But if such situation takes pleace, a cashier should tell the approximate time when money is being delivered.

Is it possible to order money delivery?

In Ukrainian cities where there is no Macro Exchange points, we provide an encashment of money service.
All transactions take place in specially equipped guarded exchange cars.

May I earn money by recommending Macro Exchange?

We have an affiliate program, which is currently under development.
Please contact with our operator to know more details.

How much can I earn from the affiliate program?

Affiliate commission is paid from each successful transaction.
The more exchange transactions your referrals carry out, the higher commissions you earn.

How often can I receive commission for affiliates?

Commissions is transfered at the beginning of each next month.
Check with the operator possibilities of an individual schedule of affiliate commission.

How can I control affiliate program earnings?

You can track your earnings on referrals in your personal account on the website.

How can I get my referral commission?

You can get a commission at Macro Exchange cash desks or to get it to your wallet in cryptocurrency equivalent. You can request a payment by calling to operator until the payment is processed automatically.

How can I contact with you?

You can contact us via Telegram or email, which you can find on the website.

What is Macro Exchange's working schedule?

Monday till Friday from 10:30 to 18:00.
Saturday - from 12:00 till 17:00.
Sunday is day off.
The 'Crypto to Crypto' exchange operation is available 24/7 seven days a week